Happy ending and a new beginning

Our boy is here. He was born at 12.40 am on 11 April, weighing 6lb13oz. Despite the gestational diabetes, he was actually on the small size and his blood sugar was perfect. Labour was… oh, it was fine. I was all geared up for a caesarean last Wednesday but at the last minute they managed to break my waters and put me on the drip to bring on the contractions; cue 12 hours of fairly painful labour with an epidural that only worked on one side - not the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. A few blips during the day with blood pressure and Button’s heart rate dropping, but by 10.30pm we were ready to go and he was born just over two hours later after a pretty easy delivery, fit as a fiddle and (in my totally biased opinion) the most amazing little miracle in the world, ever.  We’re now back at home, all slightly shell shocked/sleep deprived/covered in baby sick but very, very, very happy.


So this is the end of my IVF journey. It took us a long time to get here and, to be honest, there were many times over the years, with all the heartache, disappointments and setbacks we had before attempting IVF, when I thought we never would. It wasn’t easy but to say it was worth it would be the understatement of the century. I’d do it all a million times over again.  

I found it really helpful to keep this blog during the whole process, and am very grateful to those of you who read it for your support and your kind comments, and wish you all the very, very best with your own journeys.