In an attempt to while away another Saturday night and deflect the pre-labour jitters, I have borrowed this quizette from taoistqueen (taoistqueen.tumblr.com), which I hope she doesn’t mind:

Name:  Me
Hair color:  Blonde (following hairdressers, otherwise I fear it may be GREY)
Eye color: Weird green and brown
First child?: Yep

About the daddy!

Name: H
Hair color: Brown
Eye color:  Blue
First child?: Yep

Finding out!

What day did you find out?:  First HCG test following IVF was on Friday 3 August 2012. We had done a couple (ok, a lot) of sneaky HPTs beforehand. The first one I actually dared to consider might be true was a digital one we did on 1 August at home, but we didn’t get confirmation until a second HCG on 7 August.

How did you feel when you found out?: 1 August: giddy, delirious, slightly insane. 3 August: sick, scared, worried (although the HCG was positive, the nurse thought it was on the low side and I feared the worst). 7 August: relieved and very, very happy.

Who was with you?: 1 August: H. We were in the bathroom at home. It was a Wednesday evening and the church bells were ringing in the village (it was a routine practice but made a good soundtrack). 3 August: H. We were at Chatsworth farm shop buying Bakewell brownies for my dad. I went back to the car and remember feeling really rough. 7 August: I think I must have been at work. Weirdly, I can’t really remember. 

Who was the first person you told?: It must have been my mum. 

About the pregnancy!

When was/is your first appointment?: We were under the care of the fertility clinic until 8 weeks, then saw the midwife at about 11 weeks just after a holiday in Scotland. 

When is your due date?:  10 April. 

How far along are you?:  36 weeks and a half-ish. 

Have you had any ultrasounds?: Yes, many. 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 13 weeks, 20 weeks, 28 weeks, 32 weeks, 34 weeks and 36 weeks. Early scans because of IVF, later scans because of gestational diabetes. 

Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes.

What was the heartbeat?: Like a little horse galloping, to use H’s terminology.

Sex of the baby!

Are you finding out the sex or waiting until birth? We found out. Er, sort of. 

What do you want?:  Didn’t mind a bit, just wanted to know. 

What does the daddy want?: Same.

Have you had your big ultrasound yet?:  Does this mean 20 weeks? Yes. 

If so, what are you having?: At 20 weeks we were told it was a girl. At 36 weeks we were told it was a boy! Sonographer pretty confident with latest assessment but I’m not taking the tags off the boys clothes I went out and bought this week just yet (unlike I did with all the girlie stuff…)

Are mommy and daddy happy with the gender?: Yes. It was a little weird thinking we were having a girl for so long and then being told it’s a boy, but all we want is Button to get here safely. 

About the birth!

Who is going to be with you?: H. 

Are you going to videotape it?: Lord no. 

Natural or medicated?: If I can get through it with water (if they’ll let me in the pool) and gas and air, then great, but at the end of the day I’m not going to be precious about it, and will do whatever needed to get me and Button through it safely. 

Do you think you will need a c-section?: Being induced with GD, there’s a reasonable chance we will need a c-section. Again - whatever we need to do. 

Will you cry with you hold your baby for the first time?: I expect so.

Do you think the daddy will cry?: Inevitably. 

Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold him/her?: I hadn’t really thought. Probably “Hello!”

Are you scared about the labor?: I’m apprehensive. Again, just want Button to get here ok. 


Do you have a name picked out?: We had Grace picked out as a girl’s name. We are now planning some boy’s names. 

Is your baby going to be named after someone?: Might be some references in there. 

Other random questions!

Where was your baby conceived?: In a petri-dish!

Have you felt the baby move?:  Yes.

Do you have stretch marks yet?: A few, not too bad. Been applying Bloom & Blossom bump cream every night before bed and adding bio-oil to the bath.

What was your first symptom?:  Hard to say because, with the IVF, I was watching for symptoms like a hawk, but with the side-effects of the drugs and the complications of OHSS it is difficult to say what was pregnancy and what wasn’t. 

Will your baby have godparents?:  Yes. H’s younger brother, my younger brother, a mutual very close friend and my best friend from uni. 

What is the baby’s room theme?: Er, spare room in rented accommodation hastily done up to look like a nursery without spending too much money. We’re hoping to buy somewhere more long term next year.

What was the first thing you bought for the baby: I think it was a little T-shirt with a dog on it. I may have bought that whilst we were still going through IVF - positive visualisation and all that.

Will you use cloth diapers?: No.

Breastfeeding or formula?: Breastfeeding, I hope. The NHS propaganda has well and truly sunk in. 

What is your favorite pregnancy book?: I have many, but particularly enjoy a very no-nonsense book written by a midwife called Christine something (sorry, can’t remember what) which I have on my kindle and which is like being advised by my mother in law (a retired midwife). 

What do you look forward to doing again once you are no longer pregnant?: Drinking a large glass of red wine. Eating rare steak. Eating brie and camembert. Not having to test my blood sugars/take insulin (I hope). Wearing high heels. Going for proper walks again (with H and Button, obvs.)

Is he ready to be a daddy?  H was born to be a daddy.

Are you ready to be a mommy?  I can’t wait to meet my baby. Not really sure what I’m doing beyond that, but I’m sure it’ll all come together. I spent so many years thinking I would never have a baby that I still can hardly believe it’s actually happening.

Baby is the size of? A newborn.